If your higher energy PU subject are aggressive, it is because them getting an elevated fuel

20. Higher energies whom become (PU)subject are nevertheless intense on the overlord, unless of course overlord manages to score +200 loved ones with these people. This getting ‘hostile’ does not mean they state independence soon. You to depends on their armed forces get in place of your very own and their versatility attention. You could BravoDate lower window of opportunity for independence conflicts when you are on combat usually and let your PU armies do the battle. Use 1k military of your self, set sufferers so you can „supporting, and then click mount on that 1k soldiers on. The PU armies tend to mount, and then circulate the newest PU army that province an effective time for you to in which you want them. If not, they could flee a state in which they score attrition in the. Keep the PU topic manpower pond lowest and their standing army lowest, become at the battle usually and you may have reasonable chance for independence wars.

Whenever you are assaulting the fresh new ‘Claim throne’ combat (exact same dynasty but zero heir particularly -> Allege throne and commence combat) no matter whether the mark Nation gets a separate heir

Their a comparable auto mechanic as with vassals, which have You to definitely different: PU victims take a look at their power in the place of overlord whenever contrasting if they can win instead of its overlord. Vassals just take its combined electricity into consideration. If you see PU subjects allying, their because their versatility appeal is higher. Pu subjects can never friend that have vassal victims. Therefore if Naples and you can Aragon was PU sufferers of Castile, and one of these two declares into the overlord, then almost every other tend to get in on the combat. Each other becomes an alternate king. You could prevent such as wars usually when you’re during the conflict constantly, whilst offers victims -50 added bonus so you’re able to state independence if you’re from the war.

22 .When the a PU subject announces versatility battle: should you get white comfort or better (aka you don’t have to render anything) the nation claiming independence only will end up being a minor PU topic once again when they undertake the brand new peace bargain, and you will 50 12 months consolidation timer are reset.

You could prevent wars such as this if you use stacks out of lesser PU subject to profit your own conflicts. If the their manpower and newest reputation army try low, and generally are at combat always, they’re going to almost never state independence. Even France would not.

Each other countries have to have high enough opinion along. The new MTTH of your initiate are five hundred weeks. Portugal could possibly get a great Commitment more The country of spain like that, Otherwise Styria can get a Partnership more Austria.

Both rulers have to be ranging from sixteen and you may 40, the 2 regions with it have to be residents, each other countries should have no heirs, both rulers have to be of various sex and get sometimes of the identical dynasty or even in the same culture group

24. Contradiction nerfed force PU combat and getting in touch with in other regions in order to help out It additional another malus so no-one often sign-up, because I guess it can make no feel one allies you have help give you a special (big) subject. Really no body. I would have to look it up, however, I think the very unrealistic for somebody to participate. Possibly if they are opponents they could still do it. But I would not count on they. Best method to locate PU victims grew to become mode France, The united kingdomt or whoever are imply and larger military while the Rival, and you may pledge it competitor your right back. And pledge they offer sequence conflicts. Or simply just claiming throne off same dynasty heirless nation, and you will assured their queen becomes deceased heirless. That can provide the PU for free too in most cases.