We are not always accompanied by success. But while modern society teaches to overcome adversity like superheroes from cinema, we propose to do otherwise. Psychotherapist Grigory Gorshunin about why it is sometimes useful to recognize his own defeat.

Recently, a post has appeared on the social network – the woman writes about her confusion, about unresolved issues, about sadness, and then she asks the question: “I wonder what comments there will be advice to score, start meditation, do business, yoga, volunteering, physical education and think about thosewho is really bad now?“

Indeed, such comments most often appear. Positivism, which has grown from the triumph of sciences and

3.000 kvinnor deltog i undersökningen. De svarade på frågan „Hur föreställer du dig den perfekta platsen att ha sex?“. Till den stora överraskningen av forskare, och nu också vår, köpa cialis sverige mest på att alla andra platser i lägenheten och även på planeten föredrar … Stege!

technology over the past two centuries, gave rise to the feeling that all problems can be solved if you know exactly how to do it. Often it is. But many suffer from situations where there is no way to reproduce the sensations of resolve, superiority, overcoming and control.

Man has long been helpless. Dependent on nature, epidemics, sudden violence. Helplessness was the usual state of a person for millennia. But in modern culture, helplessness can turn into a prosecution. As if each of us really should overcome everything. If you can’t finish something or start something, get married, get divorced, lose weight, “realize a dream” and the like, it is experienced as insolvency.

By allowing yourself not to cope, not to have time, you can find a new look and, in a paradoxical way, find yourself