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The Play and Affection meters replace Social and Fun, but otherwise it’s very much the same. With so many Sims 4 quality of life mods, you’ll need a central hub to manage them all. Thankfully, the Mod Settings Menu by ColonolNutty provides the mod control center of your dreams!

Guide: How To Get a Cowplant in The Sims 4

There are certain things you can do in The Sims 4 to make your characters more beautiful, more realistic and even just have height that makes sense in the real world. One of the strange things about The Sims 4 is a lack of height variance between Sims. It’s simply unrealistic that every adult in the world is the same height, and this issue also contributes to the game’s lack of differentiation between teen and adult Sims in appearance.

This mod introduces fatal illnesses, car accidents, kidnappings, bullying and even five unique serial killer characters who will prey on the Sims. Depending on the player’s settings, some events might happen more often than others, so make sure to tune the mod as soon as it’s installed. Kids haven’t received the most attention when it comes to gameplay features. Real life is pretty brutal and if there’s something that’s missing in The Sims 4, it’s all things crime and action.

There are also several shades to adjust to different skin tones. Overall, it’s a pretty great mod to celebrate natural bodies. Some wish they’d disappear, others wear them proudly like tiger stripes, but no matter how you see them, stretch marks are an inevitable part of life and pregnancy. They’re a natural sign of growth, where the skin has stretched rapidly. With the Stretch Marks mod, your Sims can have them on their breasts, tummy, thighs, and bottom.

The Sims 4 Best Clothing Mods Clothing in the Sims 4 can be really hit or miss, and boy when they miss, do they miss. Custom content has gotten a real upgrade in the past years too, with creators being able to create hyper-realistic and beautiful pieces of clothing, accessories, and… You choose between three traits to pick who you want to be, and you need to have a base romantic relationship with someone to form a sugar baby/daddy/mommy relationship.

The No Strings Attached mod will give your sims the opportunity to have a “Friends with Benefits” relationship with other sims, opening up frisky and sneaky interactions with those sims. Things could get messy, and your Sims might fall in love with their FWB partners which could lead to extreme heartbreak! The First Love Mod, created by LittleMsSam, is a super adorable tweak catered for young sims in the game. The further progress of the relationship could lead to them being each other’s crush or boyfriend/girlfriend. The mod has plenty of optional add-ons and is available in different languages.

Adding a healthy dose of nostalgia to your game in The Sims 4, it tweaks the camera perspective to something more akin to what was present in the early-noughties entry. Unfortunately, mods aren’t available on console platforms. Though unlikely at this stage of the game’s lifecycle, if this ever changes, we’ll be sure to update you here with the necessary steps. Meanwhile, there’s a nifty Sims 4 quality of life mod for Sims that want to learn a new skill and develop themselves but cannot attend university. From children to elders, everyone can register for a course online and get a nice skill boost with the Online Learning System mod by LittleMsSam.

Fable Fans Aren’t Happy With New Game Being A „Witcher-Like“

Try out the Romantic Massage mod; great for getting your sims in the right mood. Realistic – Add to the realism factor by letting your about MPWH seems truly look like they are in love. This mod gives a more fluid look to the embrace and doesn’t give off that „best friends“ feel.

Sims are constantly taking toddlers out of them and being annoying so this high chair lock mod is necessary. Possibly the most popular NSFW Sims 4 Mod, Wicked Whims adds a ton of interesting things to the game for romance and woohoo. They can have appearance changes when they have emotions like tears in their eyes when they’re sad or rosy cheeks when embarrassed. Your sims can have a skincare system and get acne if they don’t use their skin care appropriately. These mods are insanely well made and bring in a whole new style of gameplay if you’re bored with The Sims.

Sims 4 Gameplay Mods for Careers & Money

With the extreme violence mod you can completely change your sims into the evil person of your dreams. This sims 4 gameplay mod has so many moving parts including weapons, gangs, the ability to poison food, and so much more for you to try out. When a person IRL gets pregnant one of the things they’re excited to do is throw a baby shower, but this isn’t possible in The Sims 4.

This mod requires your sim to at least know the sim you are about to arrange a marriage to. Your sim can have an arranged marriage, marriage of convenience, and even more. Photos – Get picture-taking ready with this pack of fresh clothes. Specialized clothes – This pack of clothing can assist your sim in making the best first or second impression on their date. Deeper – Sims now can appear to be more in love than they might be.

Night View Of Hogwarts Werewolf Moon Over Hogwarts You and Professor Fig are arriving… RPO Collection Mod 6 – Temporary SeparationsHave your Sims take a relationship break and try to figure things out before fully breaking up or reconciling. Mod 14 of the RPO Collection – Pregnancy Tweaks & SpecialSettings and tweaks for pregnancy, such as disabling the pregnancy walkstyle, the idle animation, etc, enabling cryptic pregnancies, etc. RPO Collection, Mod 17Loosely inspired by Sims 2, this system featuresPersonality & Life Factors based and / or style based Chemistry.

This example is the biggest for me, this babysitter part-time job has your sims earning 32 simoleons per hour which is extremely high for a part-time babysitter. With this mod you’ll get 16 per hour which feels more realistic to me. If you’re looking for a more realistic experience for childbirth this mod is a necessity. It completely overhauls all of the animations that happen when your sims are giving birth and it just makes it look so much more real. The faster eating and drinking mod is a game changer because it can completely change how your sims eat.