Maya holds on to that hope even when Shawn’s old girlfriend Angela pays a visit. As the two catch up on their past, Angela and Shawn realize what they had for each other has prepared them for what is happening in their lives right now. Angela, already married for four years to a military man, looks to Shawn for advice on starting a family and asks him whether she will be a good mother.

(If they say anything other than that, they are a liar and shouldn’t be trusted, just FYI.) And why shouldn’t they? If anything, these two gave you unrealistic expectations of what love is supposed to look like. A we-always-knew-we-were-destined-to-be-together kind of love. Something that really doesn’t happen that often in real life. He went on to say that when he further explored the cereal bag, he supposedly foundstring, as well as cereal squares containingblack marks. Another bag in the family pack — which the couplereportedly purchasedat a Woodland Hills, LA, Costco — appeared to be “taped up” and looked tocontain dental floss.

And Every Time The Matthews Stood Up For Shawn

Later on, in What I Meant to Say, Cory tells Topanga he loves her but she quickly shuts down, avoids him, and even tries to break up with him. It’s not until he shows up at her house, to get his jean jacket, that he finds out she’s scared everything is getting too serious and she doesn’t even know what „love“ means to them. Cory explains what he believes love is and she finally understands, telling him she loves him too. In „The Last Temptation of Cory“, Topanga stays home sick and Cory starts getting unwanted attention at school. He’s invited to a party and runs it by Topanga before going with Shawn. Cory gets caught in a closet and get kissed before he quickly rebuffs the girl and meets with Topanga to reveal what happened.

Riley ends the game on her turn and brings everyone up to the roof, minutes before the new year begins. On the rooftop, Riley asks Farkle for more time to confess her true feelings, but he refuses as he does not want lies to cause further damage. Wanting to be with Riley at midnight, Charlie tries to show he cares about her.

His parents tried to support him but didn’t quite know what to do with him. Neither did the show’s writers, who didn’t want Will Friedle off the show, so they made him the insane comic relief. After seven seasons, ABC ended the series, leaving many fans to wonder exactly why Boy Meets World was canceled when it was.

Things become awkward, and even though Riley and Lucas have strong feelings for each other, they decide to break up and remain friends. Meanwhile, Maya and Farkle get „engaged“ and then „married“. Elsewhere, Topanga becomes frustrated while trying to teach Auggie’s CasualX new friend that his name is Dewey, but he thinks his name is pronounced „Doy“. 1152.64Family Game Night is a monthly tradition at the Matthews’ apartment, and Cory, Topanga, Riley and Auggie are set to play, with Auggie inviting a special family member, Uncle Josh.

The cast began calling the third cafeteria seat the „death seat“ because once a character sat there, they never came back. A number of times, Danielle Fishel has bumped into real-life people named Topanga. A wedding is in the works in the season finale; that of Mr. Feeny and Dean Bolander, who developed feelings for each other over the course of the season. They have a small, intimate ceremony at Cory’s house and Topanga finds out her parents have been fighting and are beyond reconcile. This has Topanga shaken as she always looked to her parents as proof of a perfect marriage. Cory quietly postpones their summer wedding and sits beside a crying Topanga, unsure of what will happen.

It escalates into a paint fight, which Mr. Jackson walks in on; he notices Maya’s painting and sees a greater artistic voice in her. Shawn, on the other hand, having rediscovered himself, proposes to Katy, and she accepts. 3041.63Riley receives a D on her first test in Spanish class, while Maya earns an A and is proud of her rare accomplishment.

Topanga Proposed to Cory at Their High School Graduation

Top editors give you the stories you want — delivered right to your inbox each weekday. IHeartRadio releases new episodes of „Pod Meets World“ weekly. Asked a similar question in a 2022 interview with Insider, Fishel had a different perspective. „It wasn’t our vision,“ she said, noting that showrunner Michael Jacobs had a specific love story he wanted to tell. Fishel and Friedle took a personal perspective and decided that Cory should’ve told Topanga to go to Yale.

She eventually returns home and apologizes to her mother for hurting and disobeying her. 3091.56Cory has his class explore whether people are naturally good or evil, but only Riley is given the assignment of debating the question from the evil point of view. Because of Riley’s optimistic and innocent view of the world, and her inability to see how people could possibly be evil, Maya helps her with the assignment by showing her the world’s problems in the news. It helps Riley prepare for her debate, but in delving into her evil side, she takes it too far when she impulsively eats Zay’s cookie and is in no hurry to apologize for her action. Meanwhile, after hearing about the condition of New York’s beaches from Riley and Maya, Auggie decides he wants to clean up the beach and Topanga takes him.

When speaking with his mother who claims he doesn’t know anything about love, Cory goes into detail about his feelings for Topanga and acknowledges that despite their youth, he’s in love. So that’s what I feel is love, Mom.” There’s no denying their strong feelings from such a young age. Boy Meets World is full of emotional episodes, but when Topanga’s family moves to Pittsburgh is highly emotional for Cory and audiences. Cory is heartbroken with the love of his life being so far away. He and Topanga must convince her aunt of their love, so she can move back to Philadelphia.

1202.28Cory embraces the idea of „first love“ at the end of the school year, until he realizes Riley is among those experiencing it with Lucas. As Cory desperately tries to keep them apart, Lucas decides he wants to go about things right by asking Cory and Topanga for their blessing to date their daughter. Feeling that Riley is too young to be dating, Cory agrees to the date on the condition that it is a double date, with Maya and Farkle accompanying the two. Meanwhile, Auggie and Ava quickly get „engaged“ and then „married“, but Topanga escorts the „bride“ out of the Matthews’ apartment. Uncle Josh also pays a visit with plans to attend a pre-college program at NYU all summer.

Cory ends up spending the episode doing a favor for his friend Shawn, whose mother is across the street in a motel, delivering messages from him and his dad. In „Getting Hitched“, it’s revealed that Chet asked Jack’s stepfather for help in paying Shawn’s college tuition since he could not afford to pay for it himself. Jack’s stepfather not only agrees to help out, but tells Chet not to worry about paying him back because Shawn, as Jack’s brother, is „practically family“. Eric again in „Can I Help to Cheer You?“ Eric’s young orphan friend Tommy has been adopted, but will have to move to California.